Natural Environment

The city has many natural sites and gardens among its districts. Most of these natural areas are located in the western part of the city. Also, there are many sensitive environmental areas […]


About 9000 tons of solid municipal wastes are buried in a health-based way at a specific facility. A small percentage of these wastes is recycled, and about 42 tons are treated daily […]

Environmental Management

Environmental management is considered to be one of the most important aspects in which a number of programs that lead to efforts unification between stockholders and environmental issues solutions are made. One […]

Air Quality

In Riyadh, air quality is being monitored continuously with devices That measure the pollution concentration level searching for 10 contaminated elements. There are 32 monitoring stations scattered in the middle of the […]

Water Resources

The city is supplied by desalinated water and underground water to fulfill the requirements of the drinking water in quantities that exceed 2 million CM daily. Therefore, the quality of the drinking […]


During the last five years, great progress has been made to preserve the terrain of Riyadh, especially preserving the streams and valleys. There was a stoppage of some developmental works concerning the […]