The Environmental Inspection

Program Objective Censor the industrial facilities to detect how far they are suitable for the general system of the city. This is for the preservation of the environment and eliminating the pollution. […]

Association of Friends of the Environment

Program Objective Raise the environmental awareness of society by the formation of an association run by activists and volunteers from the environmental field Responsible Agencies ● Royal commission of Riyadh city Procedures […]

Riyadh Environment Gate

Program Objective Publish programs and studies about the executive plan of environmental protection in Riyadh on the websites with the purpose of spreading environmental awareness. Responsible Agencies ● Royal commission of Riyadh […]

Environment in The Education Field

Program Objective Apply a curriculum in the environmental field to create an environmentally educated and caring generation Responsible Agencies ● The Ministry of Education Participating Agencies ● The General Authority for Meteorology […]

The Awareness and Environmental Media

Program Objective Putting awareness programs directed at all categories of society in place. Also, setting up training programs for the workers in addition to be informed by the global experiences in the […]