Celebrating Arab Water Day 2021

Every year on March 3, the Arab world celebrates Water Day. The slogan for this year was “Save water for sustainability”. The annual celebration of Arab Water Day on March 3 is […]

Riyadh Combats Dust Pollution

The Royal Commission is pleased to announce that in 2020, Riyadh recorded the lowest levels of dust pollution, as compared to the last four years. According to data collected from 16 air […]

February 2021 Weather Report

Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance. – Samuel Johnson This quote is an apt way to explain the power of perseverance. Every small step matters and consistency is […]

January 2021 Weather report

Riyadh witnessed an increase in temperatures for the month of January 2021. As the monitoring stations scattered across 16 locations in the city continued to gather data to determine weather conditions and […]

December 2020 Weather Report

As December brought the grim year of 2020 to a close, we didn’t really have much to hope for. However, the end of December 2020 brought some good news along with it. […]

The Onset of Al-Wasam

Al-Wasam is the season when rainfall graces the city after the summer season, marking the beginning of autumn season. It’s called Al-Wasam because it leaves a mark on the earth with a […]