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Setting Up Wadi Namar Sceneries

The High Authority for the Development of Riyadh City on Monday, 15-5-2017, completed the development of the Namar Valley Sceneries Park Project in the south of Riyadh. This development was carried out according to the highest environmental standards and these developments will positively affect the increase of investment opportunities in the private sector.
The project includes Namar Dam Lake, facilities, services, public parking, sidewalks, pedestrian corridors, park sessions, sports and children’s playgrounds, as well as toilets, afforestation, and lighting.
Project details:
The environmental rehabilitation project for the area overlooking Wadi Namar Dam.
Covers: 260,000,00 m2
Car parks: 500 units
Pedestrian corridors: 4 km
Waterfalls: 400 liter/second
Park sessions: 140 sessions
Sports venues: 4 yards
Children’s play areas: 2 yards
Bathrooms: 4 units
Green spot: 5000 shrubs and trees